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Syracuse and Ortigia bike tour

The city of Syracuse, located on the east coast of Sicily, is a popular tourist destination because of its rich history and cultural treasures. Exploring the city by bicycle is a fun and relaxing way to discover the most interesting and picturesque places. In particular, Ortigia, the oldest part of the city, is a heart-shaped island located in the center of the old city of Syracuse and lends itself to being explored on two wheels.

Here are some tips for exploring Ortigia by bicycle.

Tour di Siracusa e Ortigia in bicicletta
Syracuse and Ortigia bike tour

Short itinerary for discovering Ortigia by bike

Starting from Hotel Algilà, you can easily reach the center of Ortigia by bicycle. The historic center of Ortigia is a gem of Baroque architecture and history, with many historic buildings and monuments to see.

We recommend stopping to admire the Cathedral of Syracuse, built on the site of an ancient Greek temple, and exploring the picturesque Cathedral Square. Afterwards, you can continue to the nearby Baroque churches, such as the Church of Santa Lucia alla Badia, where Caravaggio's famous painting "The Burial of Santa Lucia" is located.

Continuing the bike ride, you arrive at the Arethusa Spring, one of the oldest in the city, where you can admire the beautiful view of the sea. From here, follow the coastal road to enjoy breathtaking views and reach Castello Maniace, a fortress built by the Normans in the 12th century.

I migliori itinerari per scoprire Ortigia in bicicletta
The best routes to discover Ortigia by bike

Practical tips for getting around downtown Syracuse by bicycle

The historic center of Syracuse can be busy at times, especially during peak season, so it is important to always be cautious when cycling in the city. The streets in the historic center are narrow, but this should not scare you: just proceed with a little care and let the city surprise you!

Free bicycle rental at the Hotel Algilà

For all guests of our hotel, you can rent bicycles for free to explore the city. The hotel has a wide selection of bicycles, and the staff will be happy to advise you on the best routes to discover Syracuse and Ortigia.


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