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A good story teller must be passionate -

the Syracuse guide is exactly that

"It is not often that a journalist is asked to write about what he loves"


With these words writer and historian Giovanni Dall'Orto begins his 'Tourist Guide to Syracuse,' sharing with readers his passion for art and history.


With easy-to-follow sections full of useful information, the guide illustrates places of interest in Ortigia and throughout the city, anecdotes and local folklore, all indispensable aspects for experiencing the sense of place's identity.

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"If there is no reason to hide the fact that this guide was born out of work, it should be added that over time, thanks to five visits, it has grown into a declaration of my love for a city that has bewitched me, not only by the beauty of its monuments, but also by the true proverbial kindness of its people."

Giovanni dall'Orto

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