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A hidden gem between historic walls and modern sophistication

A dinner or a lunch at the restaurant Algilà is an authentic sensory experience, a cultural journey and a gastronomic adventure to the roots of the fascinating, rich and sometimes exotic culinary tradition of the island, reinvented with a modern and fresh twist by Chef Alessio Tito.


An appreciation for produce and the exaltation of flavour is the essence of a market cuisine that uses seasonal ingredients. The dishes are refined, but without frills. With a nod to the splendour of aristocracy, they embrace the ingenuity of local cuisine made from humble ingredients which can’t be found elsewhere, like garden produce, the local fisherman’s catch or the traditional cheeses and cured meats. Linguine with clams and Bronte pistachio pesto, fish arancini, beef in Nero D’Avola wine, seafood couscous and Mazara red prawns infused with Sicilian citruses are just some of the dishes from our seasonally changing menu, following the rhythm of nature, earth and the sea. As for the sweets, chef Tito has a real passion for desserts and he will surprise you with his own unique interpretation of Sicily’s great classics.

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The bare stone archways, exposed beams and decorated coffered ceilings create a memorable ambience that reflects the essence of the restaurant. In this unique setting, the white napkins, the silver wear and the crystal glasses all enhance and contribute to the restaurant’s elegant and sophisticated personality.


Sommelier Sonia Sampognaro will guide you through the choices for the best pairings. The wine cellar of the restaurant boasts several local labels, as well as national ones, with some of the greatest Sicilian names side-by-side with excellent local producers ready to be discovered.

Alessio Tito, between instinct and training, tradition and innovation.

Not yet 40, Alessio was born in Catania, but has been living in Syracuse for many years now. He is a young chef in love with his land and his job. He graduated from the hospitality school Federico II di Svevia in Syracuse and while he was still studying he was already working in the kitchen of a local restaurant where he learnt the secrets of the traditional regional cuisine. The high standard of his technical and academic training brought him into the kitchen of the restaurant Algilà as a sous chef in 2008 at just 22 years old. He perfected and adapted his cooking skills to a refined and international clientele and after only 3 years, he was promoted to head chef. Since then Tito has skilfully guided the restaurant towards new horizons, keeping with the times while respecting the roots of a varied cuisine, firmly grounded in the culture of the area.
He is constantly reinventing himself, while staying true to his roots, partly thanks to the regular challenges he takes part in with other chefs on the battlefield of the Etoile Academy in Tuscany, near Viterbo, where he has participated in various masterclasses.
Today Alessio Tito represents the embodiment of the spirit Algilà Ortigia Charme Hotel by way of his restaurant.

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Algilà restaurant is part of the project AFC of the Italian Celiac Association and we offer a tasty gluten-free menu for our celiac guests.

Via V. Veneto 93, Siracusa Tel. +39 0931 465 186/+1 646-969-3100

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