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Explore the Vendicari Nature Reserve: relaxation and unspoiled nature near Syracuse

In the heart of beautiful Sicily, between the fascinating cities of Syracuse and Noto, lies the Vendicari Nature Reserve. Founded in 1984 with the goal of preserving one of Europe's most important wetlands, this nature reserve offers an extraordinary opportunity to connect with unspoiled nature.

Oasi Naturale di Vendicari
Explore the Vendicari Natural Oasis

Birdlife and biodiversity

The Vendicari Nature Reserve is renowned for its rich birdlife, and is a crucial stopover for many waterfowl during migration periods. A variety of species can be seen here, including waders, grey herons, storks, flamingos, mallards, gulls and cormorants. Bird-watchers will have the opportunity to observe these magnificent birds from the specially set up huts. The best time for this activity is December, when the birds stop to rest before resuming their migratory journeys.

Inside the oasis, you can admire the ancient salt marshes that were once used as salt pans for salt production. Some of these ponds are permanent, while others dry up cyclically during the summer. These bodies of water attract a variety of waterfowl, which can be observed during late fall and winter, when the sloughs fill with water again after the summer dry season.

In addition to its avifauna, the Vendicari Oasis also protects a unique ecosystem of lush Mediterranean scrub. While visiting, it is important to respect the rules of conduct that promote the conservation of this precious natural environment.

The Natural Beach of Vendicari

The Vendicari Reserve also offers a wonderful free beach, ideal for those who wish to spend moments of relaxation in contact with nature. It is important to note that this beach is maintained in a natural state, without kiosks or umbrellas, and without the intrusion of speedboats. In order to preserve marine life, swimming is allowed only on the left side of the beach, while the right side, in the direction opposite the tuna fishery and the tower, is reserved for the protection of marine life. Please respect your surroundings and follow the rules of behavior within this protected area.

The Tonnara and the Swabian Tower

The Vendicari Tonnara, dating back to the 18th century, is one of the many historical remains found within the Vendicari Nature Reserve. This former industrial complex, consisting of a shed and a tuna preparation plant, was abandoned after the war. Today, the ruins of the tonnara, consolidated and made accessible by a recent restoration, testify to the traditional activity related to fish processing since Greek times.

Next to the tuna fishery stands the Swabian Tower, an Aragonese military structure with a garrison and two bronze cannons, which was intended to defend the coast and economic activities from possible maritime attacks.

Visita la Riserva di Vendicari
Visit the Vendicari Reserve

How to Reach the Vendicari Natural Oasis from the Hotel Algilà

You can reach the Vendicari Oasis from the Hotel Algilà Ortigia Charme in a short time. Contact us to book a room and arrange your stay.

  • By Car: Take the A18 Messina-Catania-Siracusa highway or the A19 Palermo-Catania-Siracusa highway and follow the signs for "Bivio Cassibile." Continue on State Road 115 until you reach the Pachino-Noto provincial road. Follow this road for a few kilometers in the direction of "Torre Vendicari" and then follow the signs to the oasis. At the entrance to the oasis you will find a large guarded parking lot (for a fee).

  • By Bus: The Vendicari Oasis is connected to Syracuse by the "Interbus" (blue) bus line. You can contact phone number (++39) 0931 66 710 for more information on schedules and stops.

  • By Bicycle: If you wish to have a more eco-friendly experience, you can use the free bicycles provided by Hotel Algilà. Keep in mind that the distance between Syracuse and the oasis is about 40 kilometers / 25 miles.


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