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Syracuse 2024: the candidacy for Italian Capital of Culture

The city of Syracuse, included in the UNESCO list since 2005 for its relevant historical and cultural stratification, aspires to become the Italian Capital of Culture in 2024. This candidacy is seen as an opportunity to regenerate the city, improve the quality of life and enhance its rich cultural heritage. A goal that fits naturally into the history of Syracuse, which has often assumed leadership in the cultural scene.

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La candidatura di Siracusa a Capitale Italiana della Cultura
Syracuse's candidacy for Italian Capital of Culture.

The objectives of the candidacy

The dossier submitted for the candidacy focuses on three specific objectives.

The connection between Ortigia and the city's suburbs

The first aims to "mend the relationship between the historic center and the periphery", seeking to mitigate the perceived distance between Ortigia and other city neighborhoods. Funded projects are already underway to create connections through tangible and intangible infrastructure, involving areas outside the traditional circuits of cultural initiatives, promoting an integrated vision of the city.

Siracusa: arte e cultura
Syracuse: art and culture

The "Theater City"

Another key objective is the active participation of citizens, categories, travelers and tourists. Syracuse, already known for its accessibility, aims to consolidate this record. It also aims to "diversify cultural offerings" by enhancing the Archaeological Park, opening new exhibition spaces and connecting "eccentric" places. This effort aims to consolidate Syracuse's identity as a "Theater City", establishing a strong connection with Archimedes and the rich landscape heritage of the area.

Culture and creativity

The third goal is to activate cultural and creative supply chains in the area. This includes growing human capital through higher education, expanding university offerings, and supporting local theater and arts academies. The project also extends to the Port, with the expansion of berths and Mediterranean connections, offering new employment opportunities, especially for young people, in the cultural and tourism services sector.

Cosa fare e cosa vedere a Siracusa: il programma della città per il 2024
What to do and see in Syracuse: the city's program for 2024

The Program for 2024

The candidacy not only aspires to obtain the title of Italian Capital of Culture, but seeks to consolidate the image of Syracuse as a city that considers culture not just as a mere enjoyment of monuments, but as an active element of transformation. The program for 2024 focuses on the reorganization of cultural and tourism offerings, narrative innovation and cultural production, promising a dynamic and engaging future for the city.


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