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Stargazing in Sicily - Astronomy for the Astrophotographer

Who isn't transported to a magical place when looking up into the night sky. The daily changing shape of the moon, the countless shimmering stars, spottable constellations and bright planets, not to mention shooting stars, and those silent fleeting moments that make up dusk and dawn.

The eclectic nature of Sicilian culture has enabled it to become a cultural powerhouse of the arts - design, architecture and astronomical advancements - existing already but heightened by the Arab conquest. Middle eastern and western night sky traditions and mythologies integrated.

Ancient Persian astronomers passing down tales of mythological creatures in the sky, the gods and the beliefs of stellar constellations that match those told to western children passed down from the Greeks. The brightest stars and constellations bear letters from the Greek alphabet yet have correlating Arabic names.

The bright star, Aldebaran or alpha Tauri is also known as ad-dabaran meaning 'The Follower' as it literally follows the Hyades star cluster in the constellation of Taurus.

The constellation of Orion, the given Greek name is one of the most recognisable night sky images. With seven brightest stars and three that make up Orion's belt also known as The Three Kings'. The mythology of a hunter associated. The Arabic name al-jabbar, meaning 'Sword of the giant'.

The Sicilian night sky offers darkness and warm evenings - great for stargazing without a telescope. With the ever-changing sky - planets, comets shower timings and the moon constantly moving, here is a daily list of what can be seen on any given date.

If you would like to book an evening under the stars in Sicily there are the following options:

Book time with a Sicilian astrophotographer - Dario Giannobile is a Siracusan Nasa Magazine Published local engineer who offers limited availability exclusive bespoke experiences for people who desire more than the beach and sunshine in Sicily. Learn more about both Greek and Arabic mythology along with telescope and camera use. From baroque beauty to night landscapes, Dario has captured both the magic of the night sky along with the beauty of the Sicilian architecture, landscapes and statues. His website showcases some of this magnificent work.

For more information on these LIMITED AVAILABILITY BESPOKE experiences please contact:

Hotel Algila 4 Star Superior

93 Via Vittorio Veneto I-96100 Siracusa, Italy Phone (Italy) +39 0931 465186


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