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Real Sicily - Boat and Sea Experiences

Real Sicily ~ Boat & Sea Experiences in and around Siracusa & Ortigia in 'White Fin' with MultiService Ortigia Taxi
Real Sicily ~ Boat & Sea Experiences in and around Siracusa & Ortigia

From cruise ships to yachts, sail boats to speed boats, there is not a sea transport that can not bring you to the magnificent island of Sicily. On the eastern coast of the Italian island of Sicily, the ancient and historical city of Siracusa, once belonging to Greece, The Arabs and The Normans, has been fought for by land and by sea. Positioned in the most southern part of Europe and actually being closer to Africa than Rome, this once ancient capital of’ Athens’, Greece, is a jewel in the emerald coloured waters of the Mediterranean Sea and its elongated and most deepest section, The Ionian Sea.

The enticing electric blue waters are a sign of a healthy sea, and the small island peninsular of Siracusa city boasts one of the most picturesque ancient towns in Italy - Ortigia Island. The main city of Siracusa is connected to Ortigia by a small bridge where instantly one is transported into a totally charming and inspiring place, as if time had stopped. The main marina ‘Porto Marina’ to the west of the bridge where cruise ships and luxury yachts arrive into the city, but even more delightful a sight are the small working fishing boats that lay colourfully scattered along the water around the bridge and to the east of the island. You can find fishermen tending to their nets and locals still transporting goods up and down the water road here.

This is only one aspect in which the seas around the island can be enjoyed, as experiencing Ortigia and also the surrounding coastal areas of Pillirina, Plemmerio (protected marine area), Isola, Grotta Santa and the rest of the island all offer uniquely contrasting landscapes. As beautiful as Ortigia is from land looking out to sea, especially on the western side of the island at sunset time, the real beauty is the experience from the sea looking inland.

Small and simple traditional speed boats enable one to connect fully with the sea and to arrive at places the larger vessels simply can not reach or are forbidden. Many companies have started offering boat services as in all sea towns across the globe but the best experiences come from local people sharing their passion and experience, and so finding a real Siracusan who knows the waters like the back of their hand, the stories and legends of Siracusan greats - Caravaggio and Archimede, the culture of food, the seasonal changes and nature, along with having driven a boat before even learning to drive a car is what will leave you with an unforgettable memory of a real Sicilian sea and boat experience. There are many servcies on offer but few professional and authorised so be sure to use an insured and trained team.

You will find boat trips with sailors passionate about sharing their love of their local waters but are also highly experienced with the sea and seasons and extremely professional, working in accordance with the strict Italian water laws. In Siracusa, not all of the boat services are registered legally nor follow the rules for activities in the protected waters, so knowing that you are fully covered during your boat trips is a must.

What really sets these boat trips apart is the Siracusan care for nature, the environment and marine life. It is not uncommon for a stop on the tour to fish out a stray plastic supermarket bag that has made its way to sea or for a diversion so not to disturb the visible and non visible marine life - you will experience a solid Siracusan culture of respecting and sharing the sea and wildlife.

For the boat trips, offers vary from company to company, from 30 minutes to 2.5 hours plus a wonderful Sicilian lunch at one of the best known old market places - Bordieri in the market. Not only can you experience the island from different view points but also have the chance to swim in the sea - a must on a hot day to cool off! Take a dive or relax on the boat under the shade of the canopy and sail then onwards to the Alfeo (boardwalk) and Aretusa (fountain) areas of the high-walled part of Ortigia Island.

The view points of the island include the marina, the fonte Aretusa, castello maniace, lungomare, memumento ai caduti, Pillirina, Plemmerio (protected marine area), Isola beaches, Grotta Santa and more.

There are shorter boat trips for the more time restricted, with just a simple tour around the island. Sunset boat tours where the afternoon meets the evenings are popular and can be combined with an aperitivo drink to really experience relaxing like a Sicilian before dinner. From couples, to singles, groups, hen nights to wedding anniversaries, there is a memorable boat trip waiting for you here in Siracusa on a range of boats big and small boats - many of which promise no overcrowding and a lot of fun.

Maniace Castle in Ortigia, Siracusa, Sicily. View from the sunset tour boat...
Maniace Castle in Ortigia, Siracusa, Sicily. View from the sunset tour boat...

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