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Visit Piazza Duomo in Syracuse: monuments and guided tours

Considered one of the most beautiful Baroque squares in Italy, Piazza Duomo is located in the middle of the historic center of Syracuse, on the island of Ortigia. Elegant, immense and full of unique architectural views, it is a must-see for all tourists visiting the city.

Ortigia’s meeting place, thanks to the many bars and cafes that overlook the square, all around its perimeter you can admire some of Syracuse's most important monuments.

Discover all the beauties of Ortigia and Piazza Duomo on our guide to Syracuse.

What to see in Piazza Duomo: the monuments

What to see in Piazza Duomo in Syracuse? Starting with the Cathedral and continuing on to the churches and ancient noble palaces, there is certainly no shortage of attractions. Recently renovated and restored to its former glory, the square is just a 7-minute walk from the Algilà Ortigia Charme Hotel.

Piazza Duomo Siracusa
Discover Piazza Duomo in Syracuse

The Cathedral of Syracuse

The Cathedral dominates the Duomo Square of Syracuse with its grandeur and elaborate 18th-century Baroque facade. With its 2,400 years of history, a visit to the Cathedral is truly an experience not to be missed.

Inside you can visit the Chapels, embellished with Sicilian Baroque stuccoes and relics of saints. The church's three naves, with their sober and solemn appearance, are adorned with important paintings and sculptures.

Admission to the Cathedral is charged at the price of 2.00 euros per person. Contact us to arrange a guided tour.

Beneventano dal Bosco Palace

Among the most important historic buildings overlooking the square is Palazzo Beneventano dal Bosco. Purchased by Baron Guglielmo Beneventano in 1778, it originally housed the Queen's Chamber and later the city's Senate. It housed the Commenda Gerosolimitana of the Borgia Family and, in Napoleonic times, Admiral Nelson.

Borgia del Casale Palace

Also known as Palazzo Borgia Impellizzeri, its history traces the saga of two of the most famous and powerful families of the time. Built in 1396 by the Impellizzeri del Casale family, it was later restored by Baron Giuseppe Maria Borgia in 1760.

Its interior features Baroque furnishings and ornaments, with Rococo echoes, as well as 15th-century elements on the piano Nobile.

Church of Santa Lucia alla Badia

In addition to the Cathedral, the Church of Santa Lucia alla Badia is also located near Piazza Duomo. Known for its unique architectural mix, in which the late Baroque style is perfectly complemented by elements of the Spanish era, including the wonderful painted ceramic flooring.


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