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Explore Ortigia's street food: authentic tastes and culinary traditions

The enchanting island of Ortigia, nestled in the heart of Syracuse, is famous not only for its historical and architectural heritage, but also for the eclectic culinary experience it offers. Among the picturesque narrow streets and charming squares, an irresistible journey through the world of street food unfolds. From savory delicacies to irresistible desserts, Ortigia offers a culinary variety that captures the authentic soul of Sicily. Discover what to eat in Syracuse and the rich panorama of Ortigian street food as you explore the iconic flavors and places of this gastronomic adventure.

Scopri i migliori street food di Ortigia: arancini
Discover the best street food in Ortigia

The Savory Flavors of Ortigia

Savor the savory tastes of Ortigia, where every bite reveals a passion for the region's authentic flavors.

Arancini: stuffed and fried rice croquettes, they are a joy to the palate and one of the symbols of Sicilian street food. Filled with meat sauce, peas and mozzarella, or other delicious ingredients, they are an excellence to be enjoyed while strolling through the streets of Ortigia.

Scacce: stuffed puff pastry dumplings, they embody the creative variety of Ortigian cuisine. With fillings ranging from spinach to sausage, scacce are a perfect marriage of crispness and flavor.

Meatballs: served in small paper wrappers, they are a true street delicacy. Prepared with high-quality meat and local flavorings, they offer an enveloping taste of Sicilian flavors.

Cannoli siciliani
Not to be missed: the Sicilian cannoli

Sweet Temptations

Explore the sweet side of Ortigia, where local delicacies satisfy your craving for sweetness.

Cannoli: a true symphony of textures. The crispy shell embraces a soft heart of sweetly sweetened ricotta cream, creating an irresistible combination of taste and texture.

Pastizzetti: small sweets filled with ricotta cream, fruit or chocolate, are tangible proof of Sicilian pastry art. With just one bite, you can savor the region's passion for sweets.

Granita: on hot summer days, a Sicilian granita is a refreshing treat. With flavors such as lemon, almond and coffee, it offers a sweet and cool break to be enjoyed in one of Ortigia's shady alleys.

Dove mangiare street food a Siracusa
Where to eat street food in Syracuse

The places not to be missed

Discover the must-see places to eat street food in Ortigia, where authenticity and tradition come together.

The Market of Ortigia. One of the highlights of Ortigia's dining experience is its fascinating market. Here, the region's seafood tradition comes to life with a wide selection of fresh fish and seafood, offering a window into genuine Sicilian cuisine.

The Street Food Stalls. Strolling through Ortigia's street food stalls is like immersing yourself in a journey of flavors and aromas. Every corner offers a taste surprise, from fried arancini to the on-site preparation of cannoli, inviting visitors to give in to gastronomic temptations.


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