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Ortigia For Iconic Italian Brands Adverts

With such a backdrop it is no wonder that many famous, high-end Italian brands use the stunning Island of Ortigia in Siracusa, Sicily as a location for product advertisements. Docle and Gabbana, Ferrari and more. A substantial amount of branding budget is allocated to both luxury and everyday items in the world of marketing. Savvy branding managers have opted for less spend on recreation of elaborate staging and backdrops in place of the real this. If you have ever been to the island of Ortigia, which is not an actual island but a small peninsular at the southern end of the Siracusan city of Sicily. Ortigia is full of indescribable charm, seen to be believed as the old saying goes. As if a set of a film has been planned and constructed, it is filled with charming building facades screaming all things Italian, small rustic streets yet with the elegance and clean design of Italian modernity. A place tapped in time but for all things positive.

It is no secret that the humble orange is a symbol of Sicily, however it is not commonly known that it was with the Arab invasions that citrus fruits were bought to the island. World famous now, the 'Aranciata' orange drink made from the Sicilian blood red orange, where volcanic soils and sunny climates of the Catania area offer a juice second to none. San Pellegrino the famous Italian drinks brand make the 'Aranciata Rossa', a perfect mix of regular and blood oranges. The location of Ortigia in 2022 is the second time that San Pelligrino has chosen to shoot its adverts. Through various streets and the area or The Fountain Of Aretusa over looking the sea and district of isola in the background. As if staged, the streets are lined with giant green and health pot plants, laundry hanging from balconies as the sun shines down - nothing staged and nothing added.

This is beautiful Ortigia.

Also in 2022, the famous Italian beer company, Peroni also chose stunning Ortigia as a place for the filming of their products. The iconic brand focussing marketing on a stylish lifestyle brand these days uses various locations around the city but in particular Ortigia. The filming stated in early 2022 and the full publicity video has yet to be released on Italian and international TV.

'It's not jut where we go, but how we get there' the Peroni slogan selling the lifestyle of the young characters in the advert.

Drink aware.

The flavour of Peroni as a classic Italian brand is seen in their previous 'Italian Summer' publicity video launched as part of an international marketing campaign to attract a more sophisticated audience.

The castings for the new advert was published making appeals to various demographics in the city of Siracusa in January 2022 with auditions, selections and filming now complete, we await the new advert.

Visiting such a special place, Ortigia, you never know, you may be invited to be in an advert of the many iconic Italian brands that have already or yet to use this island as a film set.


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