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Noto Flower Festival 2020: A Sensory Feast

An already unimaginably beautiful baroque town transforms into a sea of petals and scents...

WHEN: Friday 15 May to Sunday 17 May

WHERE: Via Corrado Nicolaci, Noto, Sicily, Italy

Noto Flower Festival 2020
Noto Flower Festival 2020

A Sicilian flower festival of the 41st edition held on the third weekend of May, historically decided by the artists of Noto and Genzano in Rome in the 1980’s.

Representative of an artists canvas, the picturesque 122 meter long strip of street in the Sicilian town of Noto is segmented up into 16 areas, each of 6 by 4 meters spaces in which artist painstakingly and lovingly transform a stony road into a mecca of colours, scents and a general positive assault on the senses. Flowers are cultivated especially for this art so along with the careful selecting of the petals and flowers there is natures abscission allowing for a natural process respectful for the environment.

The artists keep in line with the themes that are decided annually, collectively. From religion to folklore, mythology to local traditions. An array of single, vibrant flowers that would inspire any florist.


Friday afternoon May 15

The winning artists start their creations of floral masterpieces. Come and see the chalk sketches that make up the outline of their work. This in itself is a sight.

Saturday May 16

The artists commence the 'painting' of their 6 by 4 canvasses with the specially selected flowers that have been grown especially for this event. Come and watch the artists in work. A lengthy but satisfying mission to complete. The road below transforming slowly into a vast landscape of all things flowery. Working throughout the evening and often the night into the early hours of Sunday morning, these artists delicately place each flower until the paintings are fully created.

Sunday May 17

Via Corrado Nicolaci is now in 'full bloom'. Artists can be seen admiring the faces of both the tourists and the other competitors works of art. Locals from Noto and the surrounding towns, cities and villages of Catania, Siracusa, Ragusa, Floridia and even further afield still flock to admire their festival of flowers. Come and feast your eyes and senses on the mosaic of petals that cover the road like a river of colour and perfume. This is an all day and evening event.

Monday May 18th

The chaos of the weekend visitors has passed and there is the opportunity to see the flower art on the last day, crowd free. By evening the wilted flowers will have been removed and the the street transformed back into the simple Sicilian road of Thursday...


45 minutes by car

40km approx

Flower Festival Noto 2020 From Ortigia, Siracusa to Noto 40 km
Flower Festival Noto 2020 From Ortigia, Siracusa to Noto 40 km

Via Corrado Nicolaci, Noto. Flower Festival Noto 2020 Hotel Algila
Via Corrado Nicolaci, Noto, Sicily

The town of Noto founded in the 1700 is well worth a visit regardless of the Flower Festival. Listed under the UNESCO World Heritage sites, you won't be disappointed.


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