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INDA, the National Institute of Ancient Drama: a pillar of Italian theater culture

The National Institute of Ancient Drama (INDA) is a foundation of great cultural significance based in Syracuse. Founded in 1913, INDA's main mission is the promotion and dissemination of ancient theater. Performances take place mainly at the Greek Theater in Syracuse, one of the most evocative and historically rich places in Sicily. INDA's work is not limited to theatrical performances, but also includes educational and research activities.

INDA, Istituto Nazionale del Dramma Antico
INDA, Istituto Nazionale del Dramma Antico

History and evolution of INDA

The INDA (National Institute of Ancient Drama) in Syracuse was founded in 1913 with the aim of bringing the works of ancient Greek and Latin theater back to life in the historic venues of their original performances.

The first cycle of performances was inaugurated in 1914 at the Greek Theater in Syracuse with a performance of Aeschylus' Agamemnon. Over the years, INDA expanded its activities to include not only theatrical performances, but also educational activities, conferences and publications. During World War II, INDA's activities were interrupted, but resumed vigorously after the war. In the 1950s and 1960s, the foundation consolidated its international reputation, attracting world-renowned artists and filmmakers.

In the 1980s, INDA established the Accademia d'Arte del Dramma Antico, dedicated to training new talent in the performing arts. This initiative helped ensure continuous artistic and professional renewal. 

In the new millennium, INDA has continued to evolve, integrating modern technologies into productions and expanding its cultural offerings with new research projects and international collaborations. Today, INDA represents a center of excellence for the dissemination and preservation of ancient theatrical heritage, keeping alive a tradition dating back more than two thousand years.

The Academy of the Art of Ancient Drama

The Academy of Art of Ancient Drama, affiliated with INDA, plays a crucial role in training new talent in the performing arts. Founded in 1986, the academy offers advanced training in acting, directing and other theatrical disciplines. Students have the opportunity to work with internationally renowned professionals and participate in INDA productions. This training allows students to acquire specific skills and immerse themselves in the tradition of classical theater, preparing them for a professional career in the performing arts.

Cultural and academic initiatives

The importance of INDA and its academy is also reflected in their commitment to keeping the tradition of ancient theater alive through cultural and academic initiatives. The foundation organizes conferences, workshops and publications that foster the exchange of knowledge among scholars and artists. 

INDA is also actively involved in research projects and collaborates with other cultural institutions and universities both in Italy and abroad. These activities help to maintain the high quality of productions and to spread knowledge of ancient theater to an ever wider audience.

 You can find out the complete programming and initiatives on the official website of INDA in Syracuse.


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