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3 reasons why you should visit Ortigia

Archaeological remains, elegant architecture, freshwater springs and a truly unique atmosphere, all confined to a strip of land just one square kilometer in size. The island of Ortigia is a small pearl of eastern Sicily that really deserves to be visited, both to admire the historical and religious buildings and to be enchanted by the beauty of the surrounding nature.

Ortigia, historic center of the city of Syracuse, is connected to the rest of the town by two bridges. The best way to visit it is undoubtedly on foot, letting yourself be intrigued by the characteristic streets and scenic monuments.

3 buoni motivi per visitare Ortigia
3 reasons why you should visit Ortigia

Hotel Algilà is located a stone's throw from the heart of the historic center, in a privileged position with glimpses of the sea: perfect for spending a relaxing vacation and discovering the beauty of the island.

Still haven't convinced you yet? Here are 3 good reasons why you should put Ortigia on the list of your next destinations.

Admire an original Caravaggio

Did you know that inside the Basilica Santuario Santa Lucia al Sepolcro you can admire an original Caravaggio painting?

L'altare centrale della Chiesa di Santa Lucia alla Badia e il dipinto di Caravaggio
The Basilica Santuario Santa Lucia al Sepolcro

The painting, "The Burial of St. Lucy", was created by the painter during his last years of life, in 1608, for the Church of Santa Lucia al Sepolcro. The somber atmosphere recalls the setting of the catacombs of the church where the painting was painted, and where the martyr saint was buried.

The painting was long displayed in the gallery of Palazzo Bellomo, of which it was one of the two most important works, then in the small church of Santa Lucia alla Badia in Piazza del Duomo.

The painting was moved in December 2020 from the church of Santa Lucia to the Basilica Santuario Santa Lucia al Sepolcro, in the square of the "borgata," in Syracuse.

Visit one of the few freshwater springs on the seashore

The origins of the island of Ortigia are closely linked to the Greek myth of the nymph Arethusa, who in order to escape the insistent attentions of Alphaeus had herself transformed into a spring by Artemis. This gave rise to the Arethusa Spring, a unique freshwater spring located a stone's throw from the sea.

Fonte Aretusa
Arethusa Spring

Also called "a funtana re papiri", the spring underwent numerous restorations over the years. A magical place that has inspired famous poets and writers over the years, including Pindar, Ovid, Virgil, D'Annunzio, John Milton, Alexander Pope, and Polish composer Karol Szymanowski.

A curiosity about the Arethusa Spring is that it is home to one of only two extant wild papyrets in Europe, dating back thousands of years.

Discover the VIP locations

Ortigia is not only history, art and nature, but also a favorite destination of many Italian and international VIPs. Especially during the high season, you might happen to catch a glimpse of a well-known face in the island's most elegant clubs.

Scopri le location dei VIP a Ortigia e dintorni
Discover the VIP locations in and around Ortigia

Any suggestions for following the tracks of the stars in Ortigia? We suggest you drop by Palazzo Rococò, where the famous haute couture brand Dolce and Gabbana holds many of its private parties. Or drop by Noto, just a 45-minute drive from Ortigia, where the Ferragnez got married (the ceremony was hosted in the wonderful setting of the Dimora delle Balze).


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