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What to do in Ortigia in summer

Do you wish to spend an unforgettable summer vacation? Ortigia is the perfect destination. This fascinating island in Sicily offers a combination of natural wonders, art and culture, and a delicious gastronomic choice. Discover what to do in Ortigia in the summer: from the beautiful beaches of the Ionian Sea, to museums rich in history and art, to the local gastronomy.

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Cosa fare a Ortigia d'estate
Find out what to do in Ortigia in summer

Explore the beaches

Summer in Ortigia would not be complete without a visit to its enchanting beaches. The crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches will captivate you from the first moment. Here are some of the best beaches you should definitely visit.

Cala Rossa beach is a true hidden gem. Protected by towering cliffs and accessible only by a picturesque path, this beach offers an intimate and peaceful atmosphere. The blue waters and sandy seabed make it perfect for swimming and snorkeling, while the surrounding landscapes add a touch of magic.

A few kilometers from Ortigia, Fontane Bianche beach is renowned for its fine sand and shallow waters. This beach is ideal for families with children, who can play safely along the shore. In addition, water sports enthusiasts will find numerous opportunities for windsurfing or kayaking here.

For a day of pure relaxation and fun, head to Arenella Beach, about 10 km from Syracuse. Its calm, shallow waters are perfect for swimming and relaxing. Here you'll also find well-equipped facilities, such as beach bars and restaurants, where you can enjoy local delicacies.

Scopri le spiagge più belle vicino a Siracusa
Discover the most beautiful beaches near Syracuse

Art and culture in Syracuse's museums

Syracuse is a city rich in history and culture, and its museums offer a fascinating journey into the past. Here are some museums not to be missed.

The "Paolo Orsi" Regional Archaeological Museum is one of the most important in Italy for archaeology. It houses a vast collection of archaeological finds from Sicily, dating back to different historical periods. You can admire splendid sculptures, ceramics and mosaics, which will make you relive the ancient history of this fascinating region.

If you are fascinated by the sea and its influence on local culture, the Sea Museum in Syracuse is a must-see. Here you can learn about Syracuse's maritime history, exploring the region's fishing and sailing traditions with interactive exhibits and historical accounts.

The Regional Gallery at Palazzo Bellomo allows you to admire an extraordinary collection of Sicilian works of art, dating from periods ranging from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance. You can admire paintings, sculptures and artifacts that tell the artistic history of Sicily.

Visita Ortigia in estate
Visit Ortigia in summer

Sicilian gastronomy: a journey through flavors

Syracusan gastronomy is a delight for the palate, a culinary feast that enchants with its variety of unique flavors and aromas. This extraordinary cuisine is the result of a long history of cultural influences and traditions passed down from generation to generation.

The culinary influences of Sicily have been shaped by different cultures and dominations that have left an indelible mark on the local cuisine. From the Phoenicians to the Greeks, from the Romans to the Arabs, via the Spanish and Normans, each people has contributed to a fascinating mix of flavors and culinary techniques.

The island's geographical location, surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, has led to the creation of exceptional seafood dishes in which fresh ingredients are enhanced to the fullest. But Sicilian cuisine is not just about fish. The island is also known for its meat specialties, characterized by a mix of flavors that conquers every palate.

Pasta dishes are another strong point of Sicilian cuisine. Not forgetting the desserts, a true joy for the palate. From the famous Sicilian cannoli and almond paste cookies to the rich Sicilian cassata, every bite is a dive into the island's confectionery tradition.


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