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The Greek Theater of Syracuse and the 2024 Theater Season

The Greek Theater of Syracuse, an archaeological and cultural jewel of Sicily, continues to be a hub of art and history. In the 2024 theater season, this ancient stage is being renewed with a series of classical plays that promise to enchant audiences.

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Teatro Greco di Siracusa
Attend the performances staged the Greek Theater in Syracuse

A century-old tradition

In 2024, the Greek Theater of Syracuse celebrates 110 years of classical performances, continuing a tradition that began in 1914. The INDA (Istituto Nazionale Dramma Antico) Foundation has been instrumental in this journey, bringing to light the masterpieces of ancient theater.

The shows: the 2024 season

The Syracuse Greek Theater's 2024 season will feature three main productions: two Greek tragedies and one Latin comedy, each with its own unique appeal.

"Ajax" by Sophocles

Directed by Luca Micheletti, this tragedy explores themes such as horror, madness and man's struggle against his own destiny. "Ajax" by Sophocles, performed for the fourth time in Syracuse, is a reflection on loneliness and human resilience in the face of capricious gods.

"Phaedra (Hippolytus crown-bearer)" by Euripides

Under the direction of Paul Curran, this ancient tragedy is presented as a contemporary exploration of mental health and destructive obsessions. The story of Phaedra resonates with current themes, making it a fascinating and relevant play.

"Miles Gloriosus" by Plautus

Directed by Leo Muscato, this play is new to the Greek Theater in Syracuse. The story of the boastful soldier Pirgopolinice offers an amusing and critical analysis of human vices, such as vanity and stupidity.

Teatro Greco di Siracusa: la stagione teatrale 2024
Greek theater in Syracuse: the 2024 theater season

Hours and tickets

Attending a performance at the Greek Theater is not only an opportunity to enjoy classical plays, but also to immerse oneself in a historical setting that has seen thousands of years of history. This theater, carved into the rock of Temenite Hill in the fifth century B.C., offers an unparalleled visual and acoustic experience.

In May, all performances will kick off at 7 p.m. In June, however, the start time is delayed to 7:30 pm. Viewers can expect an average performance length of about 1 hour and 40 minutes, an ideal amount of time to fully immerse themselves in the ancient tragedies and comedies without losing the essence of the theatrical experience.

You can book tickets online on the website of the Greek Theater of Syracuse. For more information you can rely on the Algilà hotel team, or contact the organization directly via email


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