Ortigia is the ancient centre of Siracusa founded by the Greek settlers, where the Greek temples, the Baroque churches and palaces and the waterfront promenades have been preserved thanks also to the protection of UNESCO; 
Algilà offers two special locations in Ortigia: Algilà Ortigia Charme Hotel on the Ionian sea waterfront and Antico Hotel Roma 1880, adjoining the Greek Temple of Athena, now Siracusa's Cathedral.

Algilà Ortigia Charme Hotel

Algilà Ortigia Charme Hotel stands on the ancient “Mastra Rua”, a street that from the 14 th century was where the most important noblemen of the city had their residences. The refined historic building that houses the hotel is the result of the fusion of two buildings and a recent restoration has preserved the original structure, creating an intriguing distribution of the rooms that is fascinating.

The restoration was overseen by the architect Manuel Giliberti who retrieved all the original elements in stone, like arches and carved keystones. Where necessary they were completed with new parts made using the same techniques and materials used for millennia; those local lime-stones that had such an influence on the development of the baroque style in this area. Decorations based on old Sicilian designs then integrated what had been seriously damaged by time, like the wooden ceiling of the room that is now the restaurant, that reproduces the few original boards that survived. Sicily is a place where local craftsmen and artists continue to work in the traditions of past centuries. 

Antique furniture and precious brightly-painted ceramics of old Sicilian design, textiles in warm colours and an obsessive care in hiding the signs of the modern technology that guarantees high quality comfort, produce a harmonious atmosphere that will play an important part in your Sicilian experience; the rest will be played by the Sicilians, with their great sense of hospitality, their culture, their natural courtesy and kindness; things that we hope you will experience yourselves, and firstly in the people who run our hotel with great passion and sacrifice. 

Antico Hotel Roma 1880

There are very few hotels in Ortigia, and the Antico Hotel Roma 1880 is the most centrally located, actually next door to the cathedral, which is located in the old Doric Temple of Minerva.

The hotel, founded in 1880, is framed on one side by the cathedral and on the other by the Archbishop's Palace and overlooks Piazza Minerva, which is a continuation of the Piazza Duomo that runs alongside the Doric columns of the Temple, and onto Siracusa’s most central road, Via Roma.

When the cathedral was the Temple of Minerva (known as Athena by the Greeks), as in all Greek temples the entrance was facing east. The stairway was therefore located inside the hotel, and some of its remains are still visible through glass panels in our floors. 

The outdoor tables and chairs placed in Piazza Minerva and the large indoor patio allow our guests to surround themselves in this ancient atmosphere, over breakfast, dinner or any other moment of relaxation. 

The interior has a strong Sicilian style, with the same limestone used for the Greek temples and Baroque palaces, traditional "secret" courtyards inherited from Arabian architecture, small hanging gardens, balconies in all the rooms and Dammus arches carved from volcanic rock in the restaurant.